A Waterfall Lover's Guide
to the Pacific Northwest
5th ed.
Columbia Gorge

Table of Contents
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1 Bridal Veil 7 Cascade Locks 13 White Salmon
2 Multnomah Falls 8 Wyeth 14 Carson
3 Oneonta Gorge 9 Starvation Creek St Pk 15 Stevenson
4 Yeon State Park 10 Hood River Valley 16 Beacon Rock
5 Tanner Creek 11 Mosier 17 Washougal River
6 Eagle Creek 12 The Dalles 18 Camas


Jun 2018 Section 7 is now accessible, as its portion of the Pacific Crest and Herman Creek trails have been reopened.
May 2018 Section 9 is now accessible, as the trail at Starvation Creek State Park has been reopened.
Mar 2018 Section 1 is now accessible, as the Gorge Highway is now open in the Bridal Veil area.
Mar 2018 Multnomah Falls and the Lodge (Section 2) is now accessible from the I-84 Rest Area (Exit 31). The trails remain closed.

Nov 2017 The Eagle Creek Fire of September 2017 resulted in the closure of the Columbia Gorge Highway, including the I-84 waysides, until further notice. Waterfalls occurring within Chapter Sections 1 - 9 cannot be visited at this time.

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BACKGROUND: Elowah Falls, Yeon State Park