A Waterfall Lover's Guide to the Pacific Northwest 5th ed.
Index for Gifford Pinchot Country
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Angel Falls1
Ape Canyon Falls (u)3
Bear Creek Falls (u)6
Benham Creek Falls (u)3
Big Creek Falls8
Big Rock Falls (u)10
Big Spring Creek Falls (u)9
Big Tree Creek Falls (u)11
Bird Creek Falls14
Bridal Falls (u)1
Camp Creek Falls1
Cape Horn Creek Falls (u)5
Castile Falls14
Cathedral Falls1
Cave Falls8
Chinook Creek Falls10
Chocolate Falls7
Copper Creek Falls9
Covell Creek Falls1
Cowlitz Falls1
Coyote Creek Falls (u)14
Crooked Creek Falls14
Curly Creek Falls8
Double Punchbowl Falls (u)7
Dry Creek Falls14
Dry Creek Falls (u)13
East Smith Falls (u)3
Echo Falls (u)1
Erics Falls (u)1
Falls Creek Falls12
Falls of Abraham (u)3
Fleeting Falls (u)3
Galena Creek Falls (u)1
Goat Lake Falls (u)2
Grouse Creek Falls1
Harmony Falls3
Hellroaring Falls14
Hemlock Creek Falls8
Hidden Falls11
Horseshoe Creek Falls10
Horseshoe Falls11
Initial Falls (u)1
Iron Creek Falls3
Jakes Creek Falls (u)10
June Lake Falls (u)7
Kalama Falls6
Klickitat Falls (u)14
Kuhnsausen Falls2
Langfield Falls13
Last Hope Falls3
Lava Canyon Falls (u)7
Little Goose Creek Falls13
Little Niagara Falls13
Logy Creek Falls14
Loowit Falls3
Lost Creek Falls (u)13
Lower Copper Creek Falls (u)9
Lower Galena Creek Falls (u)1
Lower Hellroaring Falls (u)14
Lower Kalama River Falls4
Lower Klickitat Falls (u)14
Lower Lava Canyon Falls (u)7
Lower Lewis Falls9
Lower Loowit Falls (u)3
Lower Marble Creek Falls (u)5
Lower Rattlesnake Falls (u)15
Lower Step Falls (u)3
Lower Wildcat Falls (u)10
Lucia Falls11
Marble Creek Falls (u)5
Marietta Falls4
McClellan Falls (u)8
Middle Canyon Valley Falls (u)10
Middle Fork Lake Falls (u)2
Middle Lava Canyon Falls (u)7
Middle Lewis Falls9
Middle Loowit Falls (u)3
Middle Siouxon Falls (u)10
Middle Walupt Creek Falls (u)2
Middle Wildcat Falls (u)10
Miller Creek Falls8
Moulton Falls11
North Canyon Valley Falls (u)10
North Fork Kalama Falls (u)6
Outlet Falls15
Panhandle Falls (u)3
Panther Creek Falls12
Paradise Falls3
Pin Creek Falls9
Pinto Falls (u)3
Puff Falls12
Quartz Creek Falls (u)3
Quartz Creek Falls (u)9
Rattlesnake Falls (u)15
Rock Creek Falls5
Rock Creek Falls (u)11
Rush Creek Falls8
Rusk Creek Falls (u)14
Salmon Falls11
Section Line Falls (u)9
Sheep Canyon Falls (u)7
Siouxon Falls10
Smith Falls (u)3
Smith Gorge Falls (u)3
Snagtooth Creek Falls (u)9
South Canyon Valley Falls (u)10
Straight Creek Falls9
Step Falls3
Sunset Falls11
Taitnapum Falls9
Tillicum Creek Falls (u)13
Trapper Creek Falls12
Triplet Falls (u)7
Trout Lake Creek Falls (u)13
Twin Falls9
Twin Creek Falls (u)1
Upper Big Tree Creek Falls (u)11
Upper Curly Creek Falls (u)8
Upper Lava Canyon Falls (u)7
Upper Lewis Falls9
Upper Rusk Creek Falls (u)14
Upper Sheep Canyon Falls (u)7
Upper East Smith Falls (u)3
Upper Middle Fork Falls (u)2
Upper Siouxon Falls (u)10
Upper Walupt Creek Falls (u)2
Walupt Creek Falls (u)2
Washboard Falls4
Washout Falls (u)1
West Fork Falls (u)14
West Smith Falls (u)3
Whitewater Falls (u)1
Wildcat Falls10
Wonder Falls15
Yacolt Falls (u)11
Yozoo Creek Falls1

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