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Name USGS Map County State Region Section
Fairy FallsMt. Rainier East (1971)PierceWashingtonmr9
Fairy FallsMultnomah Falls (1994 ns)MultnomahOregoncg2
Fall Creek FallsConant Valley (1966)BonnevilleIdahosr7
Fall Creek FallsStandhope Peak (1967 ns)CusterIdahowi12
Fall Creek FallsGrass Mtn (1984 nl)LincolnOregoncs1
Fall Creek FallsMarial (1998)CurryOregoncs8
Fall Creek FallsMace Mtn (1997 nl)DouglasOregonsc10
Fall Creek FallsBroken Top (1988 nl)DeschutesOregoncp5
Fall Creek FallsElk Prairie (1985)ClackamasOregonmc9
Fall Creek FallsDiamond Peak (1997)LaneOregonsc6
Fall Creek Falls (u)Sinker Mtn (1997 nl)LaneOregonsc3
Fall Creek Falls (u)Cedar Creek (1990 nl)CoosOregoncs6
Fall Creek Falls (u)Biscuit Hill (1996 nl)CurryOregoncs9
Fall Creek Falls (u)House Mtn (1973 nl)ElmoreIdahowi7
Fall Creek Falls (u)Rasler Creek (1998 nl)CoosOregoncs7
Fall Creek Falls (u)Mount Vernon (1983 nl)GrantOregoncp10
Fall Creek Falls (u)Dog Lake (1980 nl)LakeOregoncp11
Fall Creek Falls (u)Indian Mtn (1963 ns)AdamsIdahowi4
Fall Creek Falls (u)Chinook Pass (1987 ns)LewisWashingtonmr10
Fall into the Wall (u)Snoqualmie Pass (1989 ns)KingWashingtonnc5
Fall River FallsPistol Butte (1981)DeschutesOregoncp6
Falls along the Portneuf 1 (u)Haystack Mtn (1976 nl)BannockIdahosr5
Falls along the Portneuf 2 (u)Haystack Mtn (1976 nl)BannockIdahosr5
Falls along the Portneuf 3 (u)Haystack Mtn (1976 nl)BannockIdahosr5
Falls along the Portneuf 4 (u)Haystack Mtn (1976 nl)BannockIdahosr5
Falls City Falls (u)Falls City (1974 nl)PolkOregoncn11
Falls Creek FallsTermination Point (2000 nl)SkamaniaWashingtongp12
Falls Creek FallsDoe Mtn (1991)OkanoganWashingtonnc30
Falls Creek FallsChief Joseph Mtn (1990 nl)WallowaOregoncp8
Falls Creek FallsSaint Joe (1996 ns)ShoshoneIdahoph13
Falls Creek FallsLake Quinault East (1990 ns)Grays HarborWashingtonol9
Falls Creek Falls (u)Enchantment Lakes (1989 nl)ChelanWashingtonnc7
Falls Creek Falls (u)Clallam Bay (1984 nl)ClallamWashingtonol7
Falls Creek Falls (u)Tanner Butte (1994 nl)MultnomahOregoncg6
Falls Creek Falls (u)Bearhead Mtn (1986 nl)PierceWashingtonmr13
Falls Creek Falls (u)Upper Soda (1994 nl)LinnOregonmc15
Falls of Abraham (u)Mount St Helens (1998 ns)SkamaniaWashingtongp3
Falls from Banbury Springs (u)Thousand Springs (1992 ns)GoodingIdahosr3
Falls from Crystal Springs (u)Thousand Springs (1992 ns)GoodingIdahosr3
Falls from Kirkham Hot Springs (u)Lowman (1972 ns)BoiseIdahowi6
Falls from Niagara Springs (u)Thousand Springs (1992 ns)GoodingIdahosr3
Falls from Thousand Springs (u)Thousand Springs (1992 ns)GoodingIdahosr3
Falls of Bessemer MountainMount Si (1989 ns)KingWashingtonnc3
Falls of Cascade Basin (u)Cascade Pass (1974 ns)SkagitWashingtonnc26
Falls of Horseshoe Basin (u)Cascade Pass (1974 ns)ChelanWashingtonnc26
Falls of Saint AndrewsMount Wow (1971 ns)PierceWashingtonmr6
Falls of Sycan River 1 (u)Spodue Mtn (1998 nl)KlamathOregoncp11
Falls of Sycan River 2 (u)Spodue Mtn (1998 nl)KlamathOregoncp11
Falls of Sycan River 3 (u)Spodue Mtn (1998 nl)KlamathOregoncp11
Falls of Sycan River 4 (u)Spodue Mtn (1998 nl)KlamathOregoncp11
Falls of Sycan River 5 (u)Spodue Mtn (1998 nl)KlamathOregoncp11
Falls of Sycan River 6 (u)Spodue Mtn (1998 nl)KlamathOregoncp11
Falls View Falls (u)Mount Walker (1995 ns)JeffersonWashingtonol11
Far Country FallsMercer Island (2011 ns)KingWashingtonnc1
Far Rock Creek Falls (u)Warnicke Creek (1974 nl)PolkOregoncn11
Far Upper Falls (u)Hamaker Butte (1999 nl)DouglasOregonsc15
Feature Show FallsMeadow Mtn (1989 nl)SnohomishWashingtonnc17
Feeder Falls (u)Jennies Butte (2000 ns)YakimaWashingtonmr16
Feist Creek FallsEastport (1996 ns)BoundaryIdahoph9
Fern FallsWarbonnet Peak (1972)BoiseIdahowi8
Fern FallsPond Peak (1996)ShoshoneIdahoph11
Fern FallsOld Fairview (1997 ns)DouglasOregonsc10
Fern Rock FallsWoods Point (1979 ns)TillamookOregoncn5
Fifteenmile FallsHobart (1993 ns)KingWashingtonnc1
Final FallsHigh Rock (1997)ClackamasOregonmc2
Findley Creek Falls (u)Findley Lake (1989 nl)KingWashingtonnc5
Fir Creek Falls (u)Warner Mtn (1997 nl)LaneOregonsc5
First Falls (u)Verlot (1989 ns)SnohomishWashingtonnc15
Fish Hatchery Falls (u)Alsea (1985 nl)BentonOregoncs1
Fish Ladder FallsOhanapecosh Hot Springs (1989)LewisWashingtonmr17
Fishhawk FallsVinemaple (1984)ClatsopOregoncn4
Fisk FallsPeEll (1993)LewisWashingtonol21
Flat Creek Falls (u)Sugarpine Creek (1997 nl)JacksonOregonsc18
Flattery Creek Falls (u)Cape Flattery (1984 nl)ClallamWashingtonol7
Fleeting Falls (u)Smith Creek Butte (2000 nl)SkamaniaWashingtongp3
Flora Dell FallsIllahe (1998 ns)CurryOregoncs8
Florence FallsSnoqualmie Lake (1982 ns)KingWashingtonnc10
Flume Creek Falls (u)Boundary Dam (1986 nl)Pend OreilleWashingtonie5
Foggy Dew FallsMartin Peak (1969)OkanoganWashingtonnc31
Fontal FallsMonroe (1993 ns)SnohomishWashingtonnc13
Footbridge Falls (u) Paulina Peak (1981 nl)DeschutesOregoncp7
Forge Creek Falls (u)Yellowjacket (1963 nl)LemhiIdahowi10
Fountain Creek FallsButts Creek Point (1962 ns)LemhiIdahowi14
Four Mile Falls (u)Tanner Butte (1994 nl)Hood RiverOregoncg6
Franklin FallsSnoqualmie Pass (1989)KingWashingtonnc5
French Basin Falls (u)Battle Ax (1994 nl)MarionOregonmc12
French Basin Falls 2 (u)Battle Ax (1994 nl)MarionOregonmc12
French Basin Falls 3 (u)Battle Ax (1994 nl)MarionOregonmc12
French Basin Falls 4 (u)Battle Ax (1994 nl)MarionOregonmc12
Frenchie FallsDrake Crossing (1985 ns)MarionOregonmc8
Friday Creek Falls (u)Lester (1989 nl)KingWashingtonnc5
Frustration FallsHigh Rock (1997)ClackamasOregonmc2
Fryingpan Creek Falls (u)Chinook Pass (1987 nl)PierceWashingtonmr10

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