3rd Edition
Guidebook to over 300 Cataracts
in the Volunteer State
by Gregory Plumb

The east-west shape of Tennessee cuts across the sweeping Applachian Mountains and Plateaus.  This results in a variety of landscapes throughout the Volunteer State, with waterfalls occurring in abundance.  This compact, yet comprehensive guide shows hikers, day-trippers, and others the way to some of  the most beautiful places to be found in the Southeastern United States.

The text gives clear directions on how to reach each of the falls and whether accessibility is by car, foot, or even by boat.  There are plenty of opportunities for everyone to explore: from young families to rugged backpackers.  This guide is a must for every "waterfall collector".   Author Greg Plumb spent several years map reading, driving, and trekking across the state to view, record, and present this outstanding collection of waterfalls.  Here are some of the features of the 346-page book:

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