A Waterfall Lover's Guide
to the Pacific Northwest
5th ed.
The Computer Companion
by Gregory A. Plumb

This electronic version of Waterfall Lover's Guide to the Pacific Northwest, supplements the hardcopy book. It offers the waterfall enthusiast a wealth of information that is not practical or possible to include in the printed version. It provides you with fingertip access to nearly 1,500 cataracts in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

Information about each waterfall can be found in the computerized chapter sections. Color digital photographs are shown for most of the falls described in the hardcopy book. Pop-up topographic maps are linked to every descent. Listings can be generated by falls name, chapter, USGS map, or county. May you have many hours of additional enjoyment with this electronic supplement.

Table of Contents
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Washington Oregon Idaho
North Cascades Columbia Gorge Panhandle
Olympics North Coast Range Wilderness
Mount Rainier South Coast Range Snake River Plain
Gifford Pinchot Middle Cascades
Inland Empire South Cascades

Columbia Plateau

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