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Name USGS Map County State Region Section
Wah Gwin Gwin FallsHood River (1994)Hood RiverOregoncg10
Wahclella FallsTanner Butte (1994 nl)MultnomahOregoncg5
Wahe FallsTanner Butte (1994)MultnomahOregoncg5
Wahhi FallsTrischman Knob (1986)TetonWyomingsr9
Wahkeena FallsBridal Veil (1994)MultnomahOregoncg2
Wallace FallsGold Bar (1989)SnohomishWashingtonnc12
Wallace Top Falls (u)Wallace Lake (1989 ns)SnohomishWashingtonnc12
Wallalute FallsMount Hood North (1996)Hood RiverOregonmc4
Wallalute Senior Falls (u)Mount Hood North (1996 nl)Hood RiverOregonmc4
Wallowa FallsJoseph (1990 nl)WallowaOregoncp9
Walupt Creek Falls (u)Walupt Lake (1970 ns)LewisWashingtongp2
Warbonnet Falls (u)Warbonnet Peak (1972 ns)BoiseIdahowi8
Warkum Creek Falls (u)Hunger Mtn (1995 nl)ClallamWashingtonol5
Warm Springs FallsLemolo Lake (1998 ns)DouglasOregonsc13
Warnicke Creek Falls (u)Warnicke Creek (1974 nl)PolkOregoncn11
Warnicke Valley Falls (u)Warnicke Creek (1974 nl)PolkOregoncn11
Warren FallsMount Defiance (1994 ns)Hood RiverOregoncg9
Washboard FallsWolf Point (1993)CowlitzWashingtongp4
Washington CascadesMt. Rainier East (1971 ns)LewisWashingtonmr8
Washout Falls (u)Tower Rock (1994 ns)LewisWashingtongp1
Waterfall Lane Falls (u)Glide (1987 nl)DouglasOregonsc9
Waterfall Creek Falls (u)Puddin Mtn (1962 ns)LemhiIdahowi9
Waterfalls Hollow Falls (u)Wolf Hollow Falls (1970 nl)GilliamOregoncp1
Watson FallsFish Creek Desert (1997)DouglasOregonsc12
Waucoma North Falls (u)Wahtum Lake (1994 nl)Hood RiverOregoncg6
Waucoma South Falls (u)Wahtum Lake (1994 nl)Hood RiverOregoncg6
Wauhaukaupauken FallsMt. Rainier East (1971)PierceWashingtonmr10
Wauna Falls (u)Bonneville Dam (1994 nl)Hood RiverOregoncg6
Weeks FallsChester Morse Lake (1989)KingWashingtonnc3
Weimer Creek Falls (u)Falling Springs (1981 nl)GarfieldWashingtonie17
Weisendanger FallsMultnomah Falls (1994 ns)MultnomahOregoncg2
Wellington Creek Falls (u)Trestle Peak (1996 ns)BonnerIdahoph4
Wells Creek Falls (u)Mount Baker (1989 nl)WhatcomWashingtonnc25
Weowna Falls (u)Issaquah (2011 ns)KingWashingtonnc1
Weowntoo Falls (u)Issaquah (2011 ns)KingWashingtonnc1
Wenas Creek Falls (u)Manastash Lake (2000 nl)KittitasWashingtonmr15
West Branch Falls (u)Tanner Butte (1994 nl)MultnomahOregoncg6
West Canyon Creek Falls (u)Bearhead Mtn (1986 nl)PierceWashingtonmr13
West Coe Branch Falls (u)Mount Hood North (1996 nl)Hood RiverOregonmc4
West Colchuck Falls (u)Enchantment Lakes (1989 nl)ChelanWashingtonnc7
West Crowley Forks Falls (u)Warnicke Creek (1974 nl)PolkOregoncn11
West Fork Falls (u)Windy Point (1970 nl)YakimaWashingtongp14
West Fork Falls (u)Husum (1994 nl)KlickitatWashingtoncg13
West Fork Falls (u)Cornucopia (1990 nl)BakerOregoncp9
West Fork Falls (u)Keel Mtn (1984 nl)LinnOregonmc16
West Fork Falls (u)Snow Peak (1985 nl)LinnOregonmc16
West Fork Tilton River Falls (u)The Rockies (1993 nl)LewisWashingtonmr4
West Fork Valley Falls (u)Yellowstone Mtn (1985 nl)LinnOregonmc16
West Millicoma Falls (u)Ivers Peak (1990 nl)CoosOregoncs5
West Nickel Creek Falls (u)Mt. Rainier East (1971 nl)PierceWashingtonmr10
West Ohanapecosh Falls (u)Chinook Pass (1987 nl)PierceWashingtonmr10
West Picket Falls (u)Mount Blum (1989 nl)WhatcomWashingtonnc26
West Quartz Creek FallsMount Clifty (1989 ns)YakimaWashingtonmr15
West Rainbow Falls (u)Palisades Peak (1996 ns)BonnevilleIdahosr7
West Rock Valley Falls (u)Warnicke Creek (1974 nl)PolkOregoncn11
West Smith Falls (u)Smith Creek Butte (2000 nl)SkamaniaWashingtongp3
West Van Trump Falls (u)Mt. Rainier West (1971 nl)PierceWashingtonmr7
Wet Weather Falls (u)Mount Townsend (2000 nl)JeffersonWashingtonol11
Whatcom FallsBellingham North (1994 ns)WhatcomWashingtonnc22
Wheelock Creek Falls (u)Tidewater (1984 nl)LincolnOregoncs1
Whirlpool FallsBellingham North (1994 ns)WhatcomWashingtonnc22
Whispering FallsIdanha (1994 ns)LinnOregonmc12
Whitcomb Creek Falls (u)Keel Mtn (1984 nl)LinnOregonmc16
White Angel Falls (u)Cave Falls (1989 nl)TetonWyomingsr9
White Branch FallsLinton Lake (1997 nl)LaneOregonsc2
White Creek Falls (u)Mount Steel (2003 nl)JeffersonWashingtonol10
White River FallsMount David (1989)ChelanWashingtonnc8
White River FallsMaupin (1996 ns)WascoOregoncp1
Whitehorse Creek Falls (u)Mount Skokomish (2000 nl)MasonWashingtonol13
Whitehorse FallsGarwood Butte (1985)DouglasOregonsc13
Whitewater Falls (u)East Canyon Ridge (1994 ns)SkamaniaWashingtongp1
Wild Horse Creek Falls (u)McLendon Butte (1994 ns)IdahoIdahowi2
Wildcat FallsLake Kapowsin (1993)PierceWashingtonmr4
Wildcat FallsSiouxon Peak (2000 nl)SkamaniaWashingtongp10
Wildhorse FallsCuddy Mtn (1987)AdamsIdahowi5
Wildwood FallsCulp Creek (1986)LaneOregonsc7
Wiley Creek Falls (u)Swamp Mtn (1997 nl)LinnOregonmc16
Wiley Valley Falls (u)Swamp Mtn (1997 nl)LinnOregonmc16
Willamette FallsOregon City (1985 ns)ClackamasOregonmc5
Willapa FallsPluvius (1993)PacificWashingtonol21
Willow Creek Falls (u)Mullan (1995 ns)ShoshoneIdahoph12
Willow Creek Falls (u)Silver Star Mountain (1963 ns)OkanoganWashingtonnc28
Wilmont Creek Falls (u)Miller Mtn (1994 ns)FerryWashingtonie3
Wilson Creek FallsAlmira (1969)LincolnWashingtonie15
Wilson FallsJordan Creek (1984 ns)TillamookOregoncn5
Wilson Falls (u)Mt Rainier West (1971 nl)PierceWashingtonmr8
Winchester Creek Falls (u)Mount Sefrit (1989 nl)WhatcomWashingtonnc25
Windsong Falls (u)Carson (1994 ns)Hood RiverOregoncg7
Winter FallsDrake Crossing (1985)MarionOregonmc8
Wise Falls (u)Lake Philippa (1989 nl)KingWashingtonnc4
Wizard FallsCandle Creek (1991)JeffersonOregonmc13
Wolf Creek FallsRed Butte (1997)DouglasOregonsc8
Wolf Creek Falls (u)Hurricane Hill (2003 ns)ClallamWashingtonol2
Wolf Hollow FallsWolf Hollow Falls (1970)GilliamOregoncp1
Wonder FallsOutlet Falls (1970 ns)KlickitatWashingtongp15
Woodruff Falls (u)Whetstone Point (1997 ns)JacksonOregonsc16
Woodburn FallsCamas (1994 ns)ClarkWashingtoncg18
Wooden Rock Creek Falls (u)Eden Valley (1998 nl)CoosOregoncs7
Woodward Falls (u)Beacon Rock (1994 nl)SkamaniaWashingtoncg16
Wy'East Falls (u)Wahtum Lake (1994 nl)Hood RiverOregoncg6
Wynoochee FallsWynoochee Lake (1995 nl)Grays HarborWashingtonol16

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